WILLEMSTAD – In January 2015 the Jet Centre Curaçao started offering its VIP services to private and corporate jet users by means of a soft opening. An official opening is scheduled in the near future. The Jet Centre is Curaçao’s very first dedicated terminal that offers a segmented group travelling to and from Curaçao by private or corporate plane, a more luxurious comfortable travelling experience.

 Jet Centre Curaçao is separate from the commercial terminals of Curaçao International Airport and offers exclusive services such as Immigration, Customs, General Aviation, security, food and beverage, meeting room facilities and more. The dedicated private and corporate jet facilities at the Curaçao International Airport diversify the position of Curaçao making our country more attractive for this segmented group. In addition, other sectors and services in Curaçao such as Tourism, VIP rentals and luxury hotels can benefit from this new development at the airport.

There is unquestionably a demand for this type of service in our region. The logistical position of Curaçao, as well as the economical gas prices make the Jet Centre Curaçao very competitive in the Caribbean. Curaçao International Airport receives approximately 3300 private planes a year. CAP expects that this will continue to grow as it positions the Jet Centre Curaçao in this niche market.